Shining the Spotlight on Our Valued Volunteers

by Indu Singh

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Volunteers are vital to our ongoing success, and we would like to spotlight members who have been generous enough to devote their time, energy, and ideas to our organization.  

To show our appreciation, we’ve done something a little different this year to recognize the important work of our volunteers. We invited volunteers for Editors Toronto in the past year to send us a bio, telling us about themselves, their work, their interests, and how volunteering for Editors Toronto enriches their lives professionally and personally. 

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to 10 exemplary members and volunteers. Thank you for sharing your talent and your time with Editors Toronto and for making this year a great success!

Amanda Clarke

A Toronto-based editor, I launched my freelance business almost two years ago and have worked on several manuscripts for a small American publisher. Currently, I focus on sci-fi/fantasy fiction, but I hope to add non-fiction to my résumé in the future. I started volunteering with BoldFace to gain experience and get my name out there. So far, it has been a great experience. When not reading The Chicago Manual of Style (my father reads the dictionary, so I come by it honestly), I am actively involved in the Toronto film and theatre communities, and I coach skating.

Jennifer D. Foster

I’m a Toronto-based editor, writer, and mentor, with 21 years’ experience, 17 of those as a freelancer running my business, Planet Word. I’ve been volunteering for Editors Toronto since 2012. Volunteering—whether as branch executive co-chair, as a writer and copy editor for BoldFace, or at The Word On The Street—has been a richly rewarding personal experience. I’ve made lifelong friends, expanded my professional network, received and given work referrals, strengthened my brand, and found a fulfilling sense of camaraderie.     

Natalia Iwanek

I’m a Toronto-based copy editor and writer. While completing Simon Fraser University’s editing program, I joined Editors Canada as a student affiliate and began volunteering for Editors Toronto in 2019. During this time, I attended a few branch meetings, and copy edited and wrote several articles for BoldFace. Volunteering has allowed me to grow as an editor, meet a wonderful network of peers, learn a great deal, and make friends.

Ann Kennedy

I was a student in George Brown’s editing program in 2015 when I discovered Editors Canada and learned that the first global conference of editors would be in Toronto. I joined so I could volunteer! Working at registration, I met many editing professionals, and I have been volunteering on various Editors Canada committees ever since. As a freelance editor, I offer copy editing and proofreading services, and I have a special love for travel writing and memoirs.

Leslie Lapides

I’m a lifelong journalist and currently the editor of two national (US) non-profit publications. On the side, I line edit, copy edit, and proofread through my company, Word Crisper. My stints as copy editor for BoldFace have been fun and taught me a bit about my future colleagues, which will come in handy as my (Canadian) wife and I will be moving to Toronto as soon as possible. My main interests are helping bookstores stay alive, cooking, and live theatre.

Ann Nam-Tran Le

I’m a freelance editor, writer, and graphic designer. In my spare time, I like to focus on my creative work. I have met many lovely editors at Editors Toronto who made an editing newcomer like me feel welcome. As a volunteer, I have found confidence as an editor while building my experience. Recently, I was able to demonstrate my knowledge of comics by co-authoring an article for BoldFace.

Paul Ling

I’m a former clinical professor, surgeon, poet, musician, parachutist, military instructor, and scuba diver, who has travelled and lived all over the world. After retiring from clinical practice and university teaching, I started an editing business, Perfect English 101, that specializes in English-French translation, scientific texts, and business communication. A long-time fan of classic romantic adventures, I recently published a graphic novel, The Demonhuntress, a project I first conceived as a high school student.

Alicja Minda

I’m a freelance journalist, editor, and research analyst with more than eight years’ experience working at a financial newswire. I hold an MA in English, and I’m currently studying toward an editing certificate from George Brown College. I’ve been involved with Editors Toronto (specifically, BoldFace) since January 2020, and from the very first moment, I knew I had landed in a good place. I want to contribute to this nurturing community to the best of my ability.

Brandi A. Tanner 

I am a freelance writer and photographer based in Toronto, Ontario. After doing a long stint in the corporate world as a sales coordinator, I now work for non-profit groups in the Canadian writing and publishing industry and am writing my first science fiction novel. I serve as membership coordinator for Canadian Authors–Toronto and co-host the Words with Writers Podcast. Volunteering for Editors Toronto by writing blog posts for BoldFace has been an enriching and gratifying experience.

Michelle Waitzman

I’m a freelance writer and editor of non-fiction. I joined Editors Canada in 2016 to expand my professional development and networking opportunities. Since then, my volunteer activities have included writing articles for BoldFace, helping out at branch meetings, presenting and hosting sessions at the national conference, and being a “Conference Buddies” group leader. Now, I’m on the National Executive Committee as the association’s treasurer. I’ve met lots of wonderful people and done things I never dreamed I could!


Indu Singh is a Toronto-based writer and editor. She is the former vice-chair and current treasurer of Editors Toronto.

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