Recap: Tax Help for Small Businesses and Self-Employed Individuals (Part 1)

By Adrineh Der-Boghossian—Did you, like me, launch a freelance editorial business in 2020? Wondering what you need to file your taxes as a self-employed individual? Or perhaps you have an established freelance business but wonder if you’ve been overclaiming your business use-of-home expenses? An online presentation hosted by Editors Nova Scotia on January 22...

Shining the Spotlight on Our Valued Volunteers

by Indu Singh Volunteers are vital to our ongoing success, and we would like to spotlight members who have been generous enough to devote their time, energy, and ideas to our organization.   To show our appreciation, we’ve done something a little different this year to recognize the important work of our volunteers. We invited volunteers … Continue reading Shining the Spotlight on Our Valued Volunteers

4 Things I Wish I’d Known When Starting My Freelance Editing Career

by Maya Berger Going freelance is no small undertaking, and it’s impossible to know everything about running your own editing business from day one. Self-employed editorial professional Maya Berger offers tips for those just starting out. 1. Your clients are not your bosses As a new freelancer, you may feel pressure to say yes to … Continue reading 4 Things I Wish I’d Known When Starting My Freelance Editing Career

A Generosity of Editors

by Michelle Waitzman Editors sometimes have fun sharing—and inventing—collective nouns for various groups of creatures or people. When it comes to editors themselves, I propose to call the group “a generosity of editors.” When they gather in large (or even modest) numbers, editors are exceedingly generous with their knowledge, experience and wisdom. I was reminded … Continue reading A Generosity of Editors

5 Tips to Having a Priceless Internship

by Celina Fazio As a student in Ryerson’s publishing program, I have been told by people working in the industry that an editorial internship is an essential learning opportunity for anyone looking to secure an editorial position at a publishing house. As a result, I applied and interviewed for multiple editorial internships—both at major and … Continue reading 5 Tips to Having a Priceless Internship