Executive Unplugged: Ann Nam-Tran Le, Communications Chair

We want to give the Editors Toronto members and student affiliates another way to get to know the executive and find out what is involved in being on the committee. So, we asked executive committee members to introduce themselves and their roles by answering a few questions.

Meet Ann Nam-Tran Le, communications chair, who is serving her first year on the executive committee. She has been an editor for two years while completing her publishing certificate at Ryerson. Along with her duties as the communications chair, one of Ann’s current favourite life experiences is being a writing workshop facilitator at the Toronto Writers Collective, a non-profit that encourages the writer’s voice and creativity in marginalized communities.

Photo of Ann Nam-Tran Le

What kind of editor are you? Tell us a bit about your experience.

I work with a diverse skill set, from editing essays for ESL learners to coaching writers. Though in the future, I would like to be involved in the production of graphic novels or cookbooks. As an editor, being a lifelong learner is par for the course, which is suitable for my personality as I have an assortment of books on editing and writing on my shelves. My next step? I’m planning to take the Comic Book Editing & Project Management course at comicsexperience.com in the spring—ticking off an item on my editor’s bucket list.

What is your favourite part of the role you hold on the executive committee (or the exec, as we call it)?

I like becoming hyper-focused and creative on projects like coming up with a promotional graphic that fits a theme and nailing down words for the Editors Toronto monthly newsletter and social media posts.

Give us an elevator pitch for your role.

Do you like helping fellow editors with their journey in the editing profession? Do you like to be creative in promoting our monthly programs and meet-ups? Do you see social media as a soapbox to announce what cool things Editors Toronto is up to? Then the communications chair position is for you!

What’s your favourite part of an exec meeting?

I look forward to our friendly exchange each month because I like how we acknowledge each small milestone and achievement during our meeting. Although we are from different walks of life, we are a supportive bunch of editors. Also, since we are at home, sometimes I will be blessed with a show-and-tell of the chairs’ adorable pets on the webcam. Lovely people and cute pets—how could I not look forward to the meetings?

If you didn’t have your current role on the exec, what role would you pick?

I have an eye on the seminar chair. Having been a student for the majority of my life, it would be a change of pace for me to be on the other side and to prepare lessons.

Editors Toronto holds elections to fill the executive positions every May. If you are interested in the positions and their availability, please contact us at [email protected]

This article was copy edited by Kathryn Willms.

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