Balancing Cultural Sensitivity with Craft Featuring Sangeeta Mehta

Join Editors Toronto on Tuesday, February 23, at 7:00 pm EST via Zoom for Balancing Cultural Sensitivity with Craft featuring Sangeeta Mehta.

As writers turn to sensitivity readers to eliminate unintentional bias and stereotyping and to incorporate inclusive language and representation, more editors are offering this service. But while you might want to sound inclusive, you shouldn’t forget craft. This interactive workshop will help writers and editors distinguish culturally insensitive writing from issues pertaining to craft such as plot and other storytelling elements. This discussion will also explore how to determine if craft issues should take precedence over sensitivity issues, or vice versa. 

About the speaker:

Sangeeta Mehta was an acquiring editor at Little, Brown and Simon & Schuster before founding her own editorial services company, Mehta Book Editing. She runs the Editorial Freelancers Association’s Diversity Initiative and has served as a board member of The Word, a non-profit working to create more inclusivity in publishing.

Sangeeta has worked in the book publishing field since the late 1990s. She has been an acquiring editor at both Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (the children’s division of the Hachette Book Group) and Simon Pulse (the teen paperback division of Simon & Schuster). At Little, Brown, she worked with debut authors and some of the most prominent names in publishing. At Simon Pulse, she acquired and edited commercial fiction and non-fiction and ran two paperback series. She later returned to Hachette to freelance-edit a New York Times bestseller.


6:55 pm — Zoom meeting opens (brief updates from our branch executive)

7:05 pm — Editors Toronto business meeting

7:20 pm — Balancing Cultural Sensitivity with Craft

8:00 pm — Q&A with Sangeeta Mehta

Want to join us?

To reserve your spot, follow the link:

Editors Canada members are entitled to free entry. Find a promo code in your email or contact us at  [email protected]

General admission is $7.

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