Executive Unplugged: Amanda Clarke, Treasurer

We wanted to give Editors Toronto members and student affiliates another way to get to know their executive committee members, while also finding out what is involved in being on the committee. So, we asked executive committee members to introduce themselves and their roles by answering a few questions for our “Executive Unplugged” series.

Meet Amanda Clarke, our current treasurer. She has been a member of Editors Canada for two years and joined the Editors Toronto executive committee as of the 2021–22 season. Amanda spends most of her time consuming stories, in words and on screens. When not immersed in other worlds, she can usually be found at the rink.

Amanda Clarke in front of a bookcase

What kind of editor are you? Tell us a bit about your experience.

I am a freelance structural and copy editor working primarily with independent fiction authors. I specialize in science fiction and fantasy, but I have also worked with literary fiction, thrillers, horror, and short stories. I also work with a number of non-profit arts organizations, editing catalogues, pamphlets, and other promotional material.

What is your favourite part of the role you hold on the executive committee (or the “exec,” as we call it)?

I like how straightforward the role is. The duties are very clear and straightforward, and now that we are no longer managing manual spreadsheets for monthly reports, the workload is small.

Give us an elevator pitch for your role.
Keep track of the money and make sure people get paid.

What’s your favourite part of an exec meeting?

It’s nice to chat and catch up at the end of meetings, but I really like when we get to talk through a problem. The collaborative energy is really great.

If you didn’t have your role on the exec, what role would you pick?

I’d be interested in running BoldFace for a bit. I think it would be a great way to connect with a lot of different editors and see what they are interested in. I think it would also push me a little out of my comfort zone as it would allow me to explore new territory.

This article was copy edited by Ren Baron, a freelance academic editor at Toronto Copy Editing.

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