How to Be Both Knife and Spoon: Poetry Editing with Clare Goulet

April is Poetry Month! Join Editors Toronto on Tuesday, April 27, at 7:00 pm EST via Zoom for How to Be Both Knife and Spoon: Poetry Editing with Clare Goulet.

Editing poetry can be a daunting task. Poetry contains its own enigmatic logic. Each word is chosen and arranged with deliberation to create sound, rhythm, and a precise emotional resonance. Even the rules of spelling and syntax might not apply. On Tuesday, April 27, Clare Goulet will present an updated version of her presentation from the Editors Canada 2019 conference.

How to Be Both Knife and Spoon distills editorial approaches, gleaned from work with five leading poet-editors and press founders (now loosely known as the Thinking & Singing group): Don McKay (attention), Jan Zwicky (truth), Dennis Lee (generosity), Tim Lilburn (listening), and Robert Bringhurst (knowledge)—core approaches that carry into attitude, ethics, and practical technique.

About the speaker:

Photo of Clare Goulet

Clare Goulet has edited creative non-fiction, poetry, essays, science texts, and fiction; she served as a prose/poetry editor at The Fiddlehead under Don McKay, and for Brick Books and Gaspereau Press, as well as freelance and in-house. Co-editor of the anthology Lyric Ecology (Cormorant), she contributed a chapter to Listening for the Heartbeat of Being (MQUP), with current projects in text-based machine learning. She teaches editing and writing at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax.


7:00 pm — Zoom meeting opens (brief updates from our branch executive)

7:05 pm — How to Be Both Knife and Spoon

7:45 pm — Q&A with Clare Goulet

Want to join us?

To reserve your spot, follow the link:

Editors Canada members are entitled to free entry. Find a promo code in your email or contact us at [email protected]

General admission is $7.

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