Executive Unplugged: Alicja Minda, BoldFace Editor-in-Chief

We want to give the Editors Toronto members and student affiliates another way to get to know the executive and find out what is involved in being on the committee. So, we asked executive committee members to introduce themselves and their roles by answering a few questions.

Meet Alicja Minda, the editor-in-chief of BoldFace. She has been a student affiliate of Editors Toronto for just over a year now. Alicja likes to give her brain stimulation of different kinds, so when she can step away from the screen, she enjoys books, art, greenery, dancing, biking, cooking up the next DIY project, and also doing nothing.

What kind of editor are you? Tell us a bit about your experience.

My editing experience comes mainly from a media setting. For over eight years I worked as a journalist and editor in business and economic news, then in international news. When you work in financial journalism, you learn the importance of using precise language and you get used to checking every number and comma twice. I find that it has helped me to be a better editor (and writer, too). Currently, I cooperate with an online outlet amplifying immigrant voices, performing substantive editing and copy editing. I’ve also copy edited academic papers in political science, international relations, sociology, and linguistics, which reflects some of my interests.

What is your favourite part of the role you hold on the executive committee (or the exec, as we call it)?

The best part is that I get to interact with so many experienced editors and learn from them. It’s a privilege to collaborate and build rapport with other volunteers, and I deeply appreciate everyone who contributes to BoldFace, either as a writer or as a copy editor. I also love the diversity of tasks involved in running the blog, from planning content to reviewing submissions, to coordinating the editing process, to publishing. And then there’s the satisfaction of seeing the articles online.

Give us an elevator pitch for your role.

The editor-in-chief role is a great opportunity to connect with other editors and to gain a better understanding of the industry. You not only get to shape a blog read by the editing community of Toronto and beyond but also try your hand at different types of editing and exercise project management skills. It can be demanding, but it’s a perfect role for someone who is looking for a creative outlet.

What’s your favourite part of an exec meeting?

Considering that I joined the exec in the middle of the pandemic and haven’t met many of the other members in person yet, I’m happy just to be able to see them and talk every month (even if only via Zoom). Although the meetings have a formal structure in that there is an agenda and we each report on what we’ve been doing, the atmosphere is always friendly and relaxed. But the best part is that it’s a chance to exchange ideas and get feedback and support from the other exec members. 

If you didn’t have your current role on the exec, what role would you pick?

I’m quite happy with my role—I think it’s the best fit for me. But if I had to pick something else, then I guess the communications chair role is the closest. It would be a worthy excuse to spend more time on Twitter.

Editors Toronto holds elections to fill the executive positions every May. If you are interested in the positions and their availability, please contact us at [email protected].

This article was copy edited by Michael Iaboni.

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