A Discussion on the Business of Editing

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Date: Tuesday, November 26, 7:00 – 9:00 pm
Location: Viola Desmond Room (3rd floor) at the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI), 192 Spadina Ave.
Map: goo.gl/maps/VRvEPVLumjmuHWbz8

We are thrilled to have received amazing feedback from our members through our recent programming survey. As it turns out, many of you want more of a community feel to our programs and are looking for opportunities to get to know your fellow editors. So, this month, we are hosting an evening of connecting and chatting about the business of editing.

The evening will begin with a short Editors Toronto business meeting. We’ll follow that with introductions and a moderated discussion on the business of editing. You will have a chance to present your questions to the group and share your own expertise with others. The floor will be open to talk to peers about anything related to working as an editor.

Potential discussion points include:

  • finding and keeping clients
  • pricing your services
  • training opportunities
  • dealing with challenging situations
  • managing your time and prioritizing jobs
  • working from home vs. working in-house
  • marketing yourself (e.g., website, social media)
  • leveraging Editors Canada to achieve your goals

We will then take half an hour to explore three pre-selected discussion topics that editors today commonly face in their work. This moderated section will focus on issues that we can tackle as a community rather than problems facing us as individual editors.

The discussion will be followed by a mix-and-mingle, where you can make new connections and talk about anything you choose. (Debates over ebooks vs. hard copies are encouraged!)

Coffee, tea, and snacks will be provided. You are invited to join us for a post-meeting drink nearby.

Program details for Tuesday, November 26

7:00 pm           Informal meet and greet

7:20 pm          Editors Toronto branch business meeting

7:35 pm          Open forum to ask your questions about the business of editing to the group

8:30 pm          Discussion period of three pre-selected topics

9:00 pm          Drinks at a nearby bar (location will depend on attendance and availability)

Free for members; $10 for non-members; $5 for student non-members.

Directions, parking, accessibility, and other details about the venue are available here and here (for accessibility details, scroll down to item number nine within the second link).

Enter our raffle! All proceeds go to our programs budget to help pay our speakers and provide professional development opportunities for our members. Prizes include mentoring sessions, a Nespresso espresso maker, and books courtesy of Penguin Random House Canada.

Cost: $2 per ticket; $5 for three tickets; or $10 for seven tickets.

Raffle tickets can be purchased in cash at the venue. Raffle winners must be present at the event or be represented by someone who holds their ticket to claim their prize.

Follow us on Twitter at @EditorsToronto and Facebook for updates and pre-event news.


Please note that although the third floor of CSI Spadina is fully accessible, the building’s narrow elevator (30 inches wide) may not accommodate all mobility devices. Please contact the branch programs chair at [email protected] with any questions or concerns about accessibility at this meeting.

We look forward to seeing you!

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