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Seminars for Editors – Autumn 2016

Business Partners Helping Each Other

The next few months are full of professional development opportunities through Editors Toronto! Follow links below for registration and other information.

Tuesday, September 27 (AM)Usage Traps and Myths presented by Frances Peck

Is impact now a legitimate verb? Is it correct to write a couple ideas? Must you change till to until and reserve between for comparing two things? For anyone intent on preventing (not avoiding) word errors and avoiding (not preventing) usage myths, this seminar will help.

We’ll take an up-to-date look at some of the most misunderstood and contentious points of English usage and examine common errors that make it into publications. We’ll also count down the top five usage myths. Bring your most pressing usage questions to share with the group.

Tuesday, September 27 (PM) – Mastering the Sentence presented by Frances Peck


Where you’ll find me at #Editors2016

By Jaclyn Law

Where you’ll find me at #Editors2016

So many conference sessions, so few time slots! It’s impossible to be everywhere, so I chose topics that are right for my business and day-to-day work, right now. My picks (shared below) lean towards technology-related topics, but where are you going?

  • “Editing Copy for the Mobile Web and App Development,” Christina Vasilevski
    Mobile tech fascinates me. My partner is a mobile developer, and occasionally I get a glimpse of what’s involved in putting together effective, intuitive mobile sites and apps that people actually enjoy using. I’d love to find projects in this space.
  • “Editing for the Web Without Lowering Your Standards,” Erin Brenner
    I already work with website copy, and I’m hoping to pick up lots of pointers at this session. Clients sometimes ask me about best practices for web copy—a good example of how the role of the editor is expanding. Who better to learn from than the editor-in-chief of


Top events for editors: June to December 2016

By Olga Sushinsky

Top events for editors: June to December 2016

Are you an editor looking for opportunities to network with your fellow colleagues or potential clients? Perhaps you are at the beginning or middle of your editing career and are wondering about other options, such as business writing or indexing. No matter what your goals are, there are still plenty of events that you can attend this year.

Editors Canada national conference, Vancouver, BC, June 10–12

Anyone serious about embarking on a career in editing should attend the Editors Canada national conference at least once in their lifetime. Every year, the association organizes a conference devoted to editing work. Previous conference themes/topics have included editing and technology, global editing, and book indexing. This year’s conference will focus on the business side of editing. New freelancers will greatly benefit from this event, as sessions will cover such topics as finding and keeping clients, managing the business side of freelancing, and editing various media, from web communications to self-published books. Pre-conference seminars will include PDF editing, efficient document production, and editorial design basics. During the conference, you’ll have a chance to meet colleagues from across Canada, former classmates from your continuing education courses, and, of course, experienced editing professionals who you can connect with. (more…)

Seminars sale for members!

Seminars sale for members!

Fire up your skills with this red-hot deal for Editors Canada members!

Get 50 per cent off the second seminar when you register for two Toronto branch seminars this season. Please note these details:

  • This offer is open to Editors Canada members only.
  • You must register for both seminars at the same time.
  • Full payment for both seminars is required by administration. You will receive a refund of 50 per cent for the less expensive seminar.
  • Registering for four or more seminars? We’ll keep those refunds coming for each pair of seminars.
  • Already registered for a seminar? Get the deal when you register for a second.

As always, register two weeks prior to the seminar date to get the early bird discount.

My career change: Taking the leap into freelance editing


By Valerie Borden

A few years ago, I realized that I was losing interest in my work as a holistic nutritional consultant and decided that I needed to go back to the world of words. This was the main catalyst for my career change in 2011 from the field of natural health to the world of freelance editing.

I was, and still am, an avid reader, the kid who spent her summers with her nose in a book. In high school I excelled in languages, so I decided to become a translator and obtained my bachelor of science in languages from Laurentian University. However, certain events caused me to change direction, and my dream of working with words was put on hold.