Where you’ll find me at #Editors2016

By Jaclyn Law

Where you’ll find me at #Editors2016

So many conference sessions, so few time slots! It’s impossible to be everywhere, so I chose topics that are right for my business and day-to-day work, right now. My picks (shared below) lean towards technology-related topics, but where are you going?

  • “Editing Copy for the Mobile Web and App Development,” Christina Vasilevski
    Mobile tech fascinates me. My partner is a mobile developer, and occasionally I get a glimpse of what’s involved in putting together effective, intuitive mobile sites and apps that people actually enjoy using. I’d love to find projects in this space.
  • “Editing for the Web Without Lowering Your Standards,” Erin Brenner
    I already work with website copy, and I’m hoping to pick up lots of pointers at this session. Clients sometimes ask me about best practices for web copy—a good example of how the role of the editor is expanding. Who better to learn from than the editor-in-chief of Copyediting.com?

  • “It’s Not Me, It’s You: Improving Your Relationship With Your Computer,” Daniel Heuman
    Most days, I get along just fine with my MacBook Pro—but I’ve barely tapped the potential of this powerful tool, let alone the applications I use for work (hello, Office 360). I also wonder if the processes I’ve created for my editing projects need tweaking—or even a complete overhaul. Maybe Daniel and my fellow audience members will share life-changing secrets.
  • “Big Picture Editing: Content Planning With a Purpose, From the Editor-in-Chief’s Perspective,” Jodi DiMenna
    Here’s why this session is on my must-see list: as a copy editor or a writer, my role is often a small part of a larger project. I might not be in the loop about the client’s overarching goals, especially if I was brought in at the last minute. I’d like to know how to better serve clients, ask the right questions, and provide copy that’s in perfect harmony with their needs—and make myself a more valuable team member in the process.
  • For the final time slot on Sunday, I’m torn between two great options: my co-presenter Rachel Stuckey’s solo session, “Freelancing on the Road: How to Be a Digital Nomad”—I know she’ll have savvy advice on living that dream—and Robin Marwick’s “Introduction to Web Content Strategy for Editors.” In the past couple of years, I’ve been doing more and more of the types of projects that Robin will cover: content strategy, content marketing, and content audits, to name a few. I want to know how other freelancers handle these tasks and respond to clients’ broadening content needs.

Looking over these selections, I’m psyched about all the knowledge I’m about to soak up. Check out the conference schedule today to find the sessions that resonate most with you!

Jaclyn Law is a freelance writer and editor in Toronto. She is co-presenting the conference session “Making It Work: Editors in the New ‘Freelance Economy’” with Rachel Stuckey. Jaclyn is a member of Editors Canada and PWAC Toronto Chapter.

This article was copy edited by Ambrose Li.

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