Top events for editors: June to December 2016

By Olga Sushinsky

Top events for editors: June to December 2016

Are you an editor looking for opportunities to network with your fellow colleagues or potential clients? Perhaps you are at the beginning or middle of your editing career and are wondering about other options, such as business writing or indexing. No matter what your goals are, there are still plenty of events that you can attend this year.

Editors Canada national conference, Vancouver, BC, June 10–12

Anyone serious about embarking on a career in editing should attend the Editors Canada national conference at least once in their lifetime. Every year, the association organizes a conference devoted to editing work. Previous conference themes/topics have included editing and technology, global editing, and book indexing. This year’s conference will focus on the business side of editing. New freelancers will greatly benefit from this event, as sessions will cover such topics as finding and keeping clients, managing the business side of freelancing, and editing various media, from web communications to self-published books. Pre-conference seminars will include PDF editing, efficient document production, and editorial design basics. During the conference, you’ll have a chance to meet colleagues from across Canada, former classmates from your continuing education courses, and, of course, experienced editing professionals who you can connect with.

Canadian Writers’ Summit, Toronto, ON, June 15–19

Anyone interested in the book publishing industry will benefit from the Canadian Writers’ Summit, scheduled to take place at the Harbourfront Centre this year. This event brings together authors, editors, literary agents, and scholars for a series of workshops, lectures, and public discussions on all things writing. It’s a great opportunity for writers and editors to network with fellow professionals and to connect with prospective clients. Book Summit 16, which will open the four-day conference, will cover topics related to the book industry in particular, including diversity, digital communication, indie publishing, and author-editor relations.

Indexing Society of Canada (ISC/SCI) and the American Society for Indexing (ASI) joint conference, Chicago, IL, June 17–18

Alright. This event might not be for everyone. In fact, many readers probably do not know what indexing involves. For those unfamiliar with the term, indexing is the process of creating a reference list that appears at the end of a book (usually non-fiction), a periodical, a monograph, or another similar document. Although indexing is usually associated with information sciences and is more befitted for librarians, some editors choose to become indexers as well. If you are interested in taking your indexing skills to the next level or even becoming an indexer, consider going to the ASI/ISC conference.

Word On The Street (WOTS) festival, Toronto, ON, September 15

The annual WOTS festival is a celebration of literature, visual arts, and music. Throughout the day, different tents and stages feature mini-concerts, workshops, and author talks. Once again, it’s a great opportunity for editors to meet with potential clients and colleagues. It’s also a great way to enjoy some sunshine (weather permitting) and find discounted books!

Editors Toronto workshops

If, for whatever reason, you cannot make it to the Editors Canada conference or some other big event this year, don’t despair! Editors Toronto offers professional development workshops on a wide variety of topics, from proofreading to visual literacy. These workshops are a great way to build on your editing skills and to meet likeminded people.

American Copy Editors Society (ACES) workshops

Now that ACES has partnered with Editors Canada, its workshops and events have become more accessible to members. Unfortunately, the annual meeting has already taken place. However, you can always register for the year-round events, which take place all over the United States. Maybe you can even tie in a mini-vacation when you attend one.

Professional Writers Association of Canada (PWAC) Toronto Chapter workshops

Many events listed on PWAC’s website are also available to Editors Canada members. The organization’s workshops focus mainly on the business side of writing and can be beneficial to writers and editors alike—and at an economical price.

Field-specific events

Editors hail from all fields under the sun, from the general humanities to the sciences to information technology. If you are a freelancer, chances are you are interested in/qualified to get gigs related to your former university major. Other than direct calling and emailing, the best way to land a potential client is to attend a field-specific event. It might be an academic conference, a public lecture, or a special interest group. Be sure to have your business card ready if you attend one!

Olga Sushinsky is a freelance editor and blogger based in Toronto, Canada, specializing in academic editing and book indexing.

This article was copy edited by Afara Kimkeran.

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