Thank you to our volunteers in 2017–18!

Editors Toronto is part of a national professional association run by and for its members. Everything you see, read, and attend is organized and co-ordinated by volunteers.

During the 2017–18 season we had over 60 unique volunteers, many of them volunteering on more than one occasion. Volunteers are vital to the success of Editors Toronto. Everything we do is possible because of our volunteers. Thank you for your time, your positive attitude, and your willingness to serve this branch. This is truly a team effort.

BoldFace copy editors and writers

Christine Albert (copy editing, writing)
Erin Banks (copy editing)
Suzanne Bowness (writing)
Joe Cotterchio-Milligan (copy editing)
Ellen Fleischer (copy editing)
Jennifer D. Foster (writing)
James Harbeck (writing)
Joanne Haskins (writing)
Emma Warnken Johnson (writing)
Karen Kemlo (copy editing)
Ann Kennedy (writing, copy editing)
Afara Kimkeran (copy editing)
Ambrose Li (copy editing)
Shara Love (writing)
Michelle MacAleese (writing)
Jaye Marsh (copy editing, writing)
Sarah Newman (copy editing)
Tom Nicholls (copy editing)
Nicole North (copy editing)
Jeny Nussey (copy editing)
Berna Ozunal (writing)
Olga Sushinsky (copy editing)
Alethea Spiridon (writing)
Rachel Stuckey (writing)
Ana Trask (copy editing)
Jessica Trudel (writing)
Michelle Waitzman (writing)
Avivah Wargon (writing)
Vanessa Wells (copy editing)

BoldFace editors for life

Rehana Begg
Kerry Clare
Jennifer Croll
Patrick Geraghty
Greg Ioannou
Marnie Lamb
Jeanne McKane
Sandra O’Brien
Wilf Popoff
Sara Scharf

Branch meeting helpers

Nadia Aftab
Mel Bender
Gloria Chan
Marina Demetriou
Adrineh Der-Boghossian
Sue Gargiulo
Aquin George
Rochelle Jobard
Zubin Meer
Raya P. Morrison
Danielle Putinja
Indu Singh
Erika Westman
Michelle Waitzman

Branch-meetings panellists

Jennifer Albert (non-member)
Meghan Behse (non-member)
Carolyn Camilleri
Sasha Chapman (non-member)
Donovan Dill (non-member)
Jennifer D. Foster
Stephanie Fysh
Stevie Howell (non-member)
Jayne S. Huhtanen (non-member)
Greg Ioannou
Doyali Islam (non-member)
Anne-Marie Jackson (non-member)
Talia C. Johnson (non-member)
Martha Kanya-Forstner (non-member)
Marnie Lamb
Mary Beth Leatherdale (non-member)
Mark Leslie Lefebvre (non-member)
Canisia Lubrin (non-member)
Jeanne McKane
Nina Munteanu (non-member)
Michael Redhill
Nicole Roccas
Ronan Sadler (non-member)
Sara Scharf
Fraser Sutherland
Andrew Tolson (non-member)
Katie Underwood (non-member)
Teneile Warren (non-member)

The Word On The Street helpers

Ruth Chernia
Catherine Dorton
Kerry Fast
Jennifer D. Foster
Ellen Keeble
Bob Kennedy
Deven Knill
Robin Marwick


Ruth Chernia
Catherine Dorton
Kerry Fast
Jennifer D. Foster
Carol Harrison
Deven Knill
Marg Anne Morrison
Lee Parpart
Nicole Roccas

If you are interested in volunteering with us next season, please get in touch with the executive.

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