Video: Watch Oran J. Boyle discussing financial planning at our February meeting

At the February 2016 meeting of Editors Canada’s Toronto branch, financial consultant Oran J. Boyle gave editors some practical tips for establishing good credit, setting goals, and planning for retirement.

Oran J. Boyle is a financial consultant representing Investors Group Financial Services, as well as a long list of national investment and insurance company partners. As an avid supporter of Editors Canada, he works directly with individual members and their families. He helps identify, plan, and implement client goals through an in-depth process of discovery and ongoing client service. With help from his team of financial planners and dedicated specialists, his practice is focused on delivering holistic financial and estate planning solutions with access to a full suite of investment, insurance, banking, lending, and tax-planning services.

Oran has been with Investors Group since 2004 and holds credentials with both the Canadian Securities Institute and the Financial Services Commission of Ontario. He has also been an ongoing Editors Canada national conference sponsor since 2010. Learn more about Oran at

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