The Nitpicker’s Nook: August’s linguistic links roundup

The Nitpicker’s Nook is a monthly collection of language-related articles, interviews, and blog posts from around the Web. If you read something that would make a good addition, email your suggestion to [email protected].

By Robin MarwickThe Nitpicker's Nook

  • It’s summertime and the living may be easy, but the editor is wishing she were on a patio or in a pool instead of at her desk. Here are some tips for staying focused all year long. (American Copy Editors Society)
  • Ellie Barton is studying for the Editors Canada copy editing certification exam in November. If you’re taking the exam as well—or just thinking about it—why not follow along? (EditorsReads)
  • Having a feel for measurements and an eye for loose ends are important skills for aspiring recipe editors, according to Liz Jones. (Society for Editors and Proofreaders)
  • To hyphenate or not to hyphenate compounds? Is your knowledge out of date? Every editor has probably struggled at least once with a tricky compound. Beth Hill walks us through The Chicago Manual of Style’s useful cheat sheet. (The Editor’s Blog)
  • It’s not always easy for your editorial business to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Louise Harnby says it’s all about the “four Ps” of persuasion. (An American Editor)
  • Establishing a rapport with an author, while remaining professional, can be a delicate balancing act. Adrienne Montgomerie has some suggestions. (
  • Can smiley faces help with that rapport? Erin Brenner thinks emoticons have a place in the editor’s toolkit. (
  • Most fiction editors have heard writers ask the dreaded question: “Do I really need an editor?” Indie author Teymour Shahabi says yes, absolutely, and offers a great primer for authors on why editors are so important and how to find one. (Jane Friedman)

Robin Marwick is a Toronto-based freelance editor, medical writer, content strategist, and dog lover.

This article was copy edited by Jeny Nussey.


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