The Daily Grind: Toronto café Coffee and All That Jazz

The Daily Grind is an ongoing mini-feature that highlights the best cafés in Toronto for freelance editors looking for a caffeine fix and a temporary office away from home.

All That JazzBy Valerie Lam

Coffee and All That Jazz, located a few blocks south of Dundas West subway station, on the corner of Roncesvalles and Howard Park avenues, is airy, bright, and spacious. Offering lots of sunlight, coffee, tea, and an expanded menu of savoury dishes and sweet treats, the café boasts a mellow atmosphere for freelancers parked with laptops at power outlets and families stopping in for a break. The café is convenient to High Park library (at 228 Roncesvalles Ave.), High Park itself (at the west end of Howard Park Avenue), and the 506 Carlton streetcar route (which runs along Howard Park). The café is outfitted with a conference room (which can be closed off from the rest of the café and booked for $20 per hour), two large conference tables (seating six and eight), and several chairs and small tables (11 in total). Every seat offers a windowed view.

Wi-Fi network name: Jazzjazz
Number of power outlets: Three
72 Howard Park Ave., open Mon.-Fri. 7 AM–9 PM, Sat. 8 AM–8 PM, Sun. 9 AM–8 PM

Valerie Lam is an editor, writer, and EAC member residing in Toronto.

This article was copy edited by Laura Edlund.

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