The Daily Grind: Toronto café Red Rocket Coffee

The Daily Grind is an ongoing mini-feature that highlights the best cafés in Toronto for freelance editors looking for a caffeine fix and a temporary office away from home.

Red Rocket CoffeeBy Michelle Schriver

As a freelancer, I enjoy the comforts of a home office. No harsh commercial lighting or erratic heating/cooling system stifles my productivity. But when it’s time for a break or for a client meeting, Red Rocket Coffee on the Danforth (east of Greenwood) is fast becoming my home office away from home office. When I walk through the door, I’m greeted by warm wood accents, comfy toffee-coloured leather couches, glowing fireplace embers, and pleasant ambient and accent lighting. No doubt Goldilocks herself would dub this place “just right”—perfect for working or reading. Jazz plays unobtrusively in the background while patrons tap away on laptops or settle in with novels. Baristas are friendly and helpful. I rate Red Rocket A for ambiance, all right.

The Reunion Island Coffee ($2/$2.25/$2.50) doesn’t disappoint, either. Signature and seasonal (salted caramel latte, anyone?) coffees as well as espresso, tea, cold drinks, and beer are on offer. Food options include sandwiches ($7.95) and generously portioned baked goods such as homemade bagels and wheat-free peanut butter cookies. A thick slice of dark gingerbread ($2.65) reminds me of dessert back home in the Maritimes. And there’s the crux of it: I feel at home here.

Wi-Fi Network Name: 3141592654 (pi to nine decimal places)
Number of tables: 7
Number of power outlets: 11
1364 Danforth Ave., open Mon.–Fri. 7 AM–6 PM, Sat. 8 AM–10 PM, Sun. 8 AM–6 PM
(Additional location at 154 Wellesley St. E.)

Michelle Schriver is a freelance editor and writer who hates harsh glare and blowing fans. Luckily, she lives in an old house with poor lighting and hissing radiators.

This article was copy edited by Sadie Scapillato.

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