The Daily Grind: Toronto café Crema Coffee Co.

The Daily Grind is an ongoing mini-feature that highlights the best cafés in Toronto for freelance editors looking for a caffeine fix and a temporary office away from home.

Crema Coffee

By Laura Edlund

Crema Coffee Co. on the Danforth, near Logan Avenue, is a small café on the sunny, northern side of the street. The café has a range of coffee, tea, cold drinks, pastries, and sandwich options for a nibble or a meal, a changing collection of art on white walls, and work-friendly music. The seating near the street and at the quieter rear of the café combines 14 tables with chairs and bench seating. Power plugs are limited (one is available at the end of each bench), but the location, environment, and service are in Crema’s favour. For roving editors who also need a library, the closest is the Pape/Danforth branch of Toronto Public Library, east of the café and just south of the Danforth.

Wi-Fi network name: Espresso
508 Danforth Ave., open Mon.–Sat. 7:30 AM­–8 PM, Sun. 8 AM–8 PM
(Additional locations at 3079 Dundas St. W. and 53 Bloor St. E.)

Laura Edlund is an EAC-certified structural and stylistic editor who lives, works, and blogs in Riverdale.

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