Promoting accessibility in editorial businesses

By Christine Albert As a student enrolled in an editing program, I’m often asked to reflect on issues that may arise when working with clients. The discussion and module notes invariably focus on respect, clear communications, and diplomacy—about how the language of our queries and comments can affect authors. Yet, accessibility is rarely discussed, and … Continue reading Promoting accessibility in editorial businesses

Web accessibility: An editor’s guide

By Ambrose Li Is web accessibility for people with disabilities the responsibility of just web designers, web developers, or accessibility consultants? Editors Toronto certainly disagrees, or it wouldn’t have organized a seminar on web accessibility standards last November. But what if you missed that seminar? Web accessibility in a nutshell Ontario’s web accessibility standard is … Continue reading Web accessibility: An editor’s guide

Recap of Marking Up the Margins

Speakers: A panel discussion with Emily Pohl-Weary, Andrea Zanin, and Emmy Pantin; moderated by Alison Kooistra Report Writer: Laura Foster Being new to the editing world, I was excited to listen to a discussion between editors working in different fields about some of the challenges they face and rewards they earn from working with marginalized … Continue reading Recap of Marking Up the Margins