Executive Unplugged: Sharon Cozens, Secretary

We wanted to give Editors Toronto members and student affiliates another way to get to know their executive committee members, while also finding out what is involved in being on the committee. So, we asked executive committee members to introduce themselves and their roles by answering a few questions for our “Executive Unplugged” series. Although … Continue reading Executive Unplugged: Sharon Cozens, Secretary

Changing Careers: Making the Transition to Editing

by Sharon Cozens Photo by Yasmina H on Unsplash So you’ve decided to transition from your current career to an editing one. Making a change, especially after many years in one career, can be scary, but with time, patience, and some careful planning, you can improve your chances of success and make the process less stressful.  First of … Continue reading Changing Careers: Making the Transition to Editing