Webinar: Copy editing live!

Try your hand at copy editing a short text provided in advance, then see how a seasoned editor works through it with lively and informative running commentary: explaining the edits, discussing alternative possibilities, pointing out how the editing tasks relate to the Editors Canada standards for copy editing, and recommending resources for further study. Attendees … Continue reading Webinar: Copy editing live!

Seminar: Intermediate copy editing workshop

This seminar is a hands-on workshop in which you’ll edit actual short manuscripts; the instructor will review the edits in detail with the group, discussing the reasoning behind various edits, alternative choices, and techniques. Throughout the course of the day, you’ll work on several different types of documents, practise using key resources such as dictionaries … Continue reading Seminar: Intermediate copy editing workshop

An editor by many other names: What does an editor actually do?


By Abby Egerter A few weeks ago, I had a conversation with someone who had recently started working as a production editor. I congratulated her on her new in-house position and then paused for a moment before asking what she actually did. Oh, she said, it's really just copy editing. And that, my friends, is … Continue reading An editor by many other names: What does an editor actually do?