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The Nitpicker’s Nook: June’s linguistic links roundup

The Nitpicker’s Nook is a monthly collection of language-related articles, interviews, and blog posts from around the Web. If you read something that would make a good addition, email your suggestion to [email protected].

The Nitpicker's NookBy Emily Chau

  • The Canadian Intellectual Property Office has formed a new group on LinkedIn. Join in to learn a thing or two! (LinkedIn)
  • Do you learn best with graphics? Here’s a neat infographic on the Oxford comma, with arguments for and against using the divisive punctuation mark. (Daily Infographic)
  • The Canadian Agricultural Library has digitized many of its documents. Here’s a great source for all editors. (
  • Are “old” ways the better way? What about marketing? Here’s a new blog entry with 10 reasons to write a snail-mail letter, and five things to do with multiple tools and channels. (Society for Editors and Proofreaders)