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Q&A: Author Andrew Pyper on the author/editor relationship

Andrew Pyper

Ever wonder what authors think of book editors? We did, too! Here’s what award-winning, best-selling, Toronto-based author Andrew Pyper (The Demonologist, The Guardians, Lost Girls) has to say about being edited, as well as the difference between what makes a good editor and a great editor.

Q&A conducted by Jennifer D. Foster

Overall, what’s been your experience as an author who’s been edited?

I’ve only had good editors and great editors. I’ve had maybe one or two absentee editors, but no horror stories.

What is it like as an author to work months, or even years, on a book and to then have an editor read it critically and suggest (sometimes major) changes?

There’s always the reflex to defend the work when an editor first weighs in, but I’ve learned to wait a moment or two, because that’s all it takes to see that they’re right, or that they’ve at least put their finger on something that needs tending to. It’s rare that I end up seeing a note as just plain wrong. There’s almost always fire where there’s editorial smoke.