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Webinar: Starting a freelance editing or writing career

Being a freelancer is much more than working in your pyjamas. For the privilege of setting your own hours, you also have to be your own boss, the sales team, the office manager, the bookkeeper, as well as the employee. Learn how in this seminar, which outlines the basic steps to your dream job.

Part 1: Getting Ready
Part 2: Getting Going

As a result of attending this session, attendees will be able to start their own freelance business. They’ll know how to register for a business name and HST number, how to start marketing their services and what to track for basic bookkeeping and taxes.

This webinar series is geared towards communication professionals at all stages of their career.

Presenter: Christine LeBlanc
Date: Saturdays, May 5 and 12
Time: 12 p.m., EDT / 9 a.m., PDT
Length: Two 1 hour sessions
Language: English
Level: Introductory
Member price: $84
Non-member price: $120
Register HERE

Christine LeBlanc started Dossier Communications in 2005, after a decade in publishing. She has a degree in journalism and a professional certification in marketing.

Twitter: @DossierCom

The Nitpicker’s Nook: July’s linguistic links roundup

The Nitpicker’s Nook is a monthly collection of language-related articles, interviews, and blog posts from around the Web. If you read something that would make a good addition, email your suggestion to [email protected].

By Robin MarwickThe Nitpicker's Nook

  • Too much work, too little focus? Cartoonist Katie McKissick found herself battling burnout and came up with some novel ways to beat it. (Symbiartic)
  • Editing Goes Global is long over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still learn from it. The organizers have collected all the recaps they could find and put them on one page. Don’t miss the link to the session handouts! (Editors Canada)
  • If you’re like most editors, you want to do your absolute best with every project that comes your way, but that’s sometimes easier said than done. Rich Adin discusses some keys to high-quality editing, starting with the decision whether to accept a project or not. (An American Editor)
  • Freelance editing has its joys and its crises: for starters, no work, too much work, or finding out you’ve made a catastrophic error. Liz Dexter discusses what to do in six common freelance crisis situations, including how to prevent them from happening again. (
  • Speaking of errors, yes, even editors make them. Arlene Prunkl looks at when to freak out, when to let an error go, and when to be a little kinder to ourselves and others (hint: all the time). (Penultimate Word)
  • Testimonials from satisfied clients are a persuasive marketing tool. Adrienne Montgomerie suggests easy, effective ways to get them and explains what to do with testimonials when you have them. (
  • Some writing rules are made to be broken, especially in fiction. Here are 20. (Emma Darwin)

Robin Marwick is a Toronto-based freelance editor, medical writer, content strategist, and dog lover.

This article was copy edited by Valerie Borden.

Video: Watch Katharine O’Moore-Klopf discussing medical editing at our October meeting

At the October 2014 meeting of EAC’s Toronto branch, Katharine O’Moore-Klopf, a medical editor with a specialty in editing manuscripts written by authors whose first language is not English, spoke with editors (via Google Hangouts) about the opportunities and challenges within this field.

Freelance fashion: What should I wear?

By Whitney Matusiak

I haven’t always worked freelance. I spent eight years in anEAC-Wardrobe office where the dress code was business casual, which loosely translated to dressing well, but not trendily, not comfortably, and certainly not better than my clients or boss.

One year ago, I started working freelance, and I went from itchy-waist dress pants and impossible-to-wash knit sweaters to the other extreme: pajamas. Not only had the mighty fallen, but they were also still in bed.

And so the big question is, what should I wear? (more…)