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Freelancing: Dressing up for the occasion

By Vanessa Wells

Freelancing: Dressing up for the occasion

Two years ago, Whitney Matusiak offered some good advice on BoldFace about wardrobe considerations for freelancers. Today I’m going to sing the praises of dressing up for working (mostly) at home. I am amazed at those who work in their jammies. Amazed in wonder, not judgment. The only things I can accomplish in my nightwear are scrolling through Facebook and drinking my first coffee.

My POV is about preparation, discipline, and focus. I am hyper-organized. I love lists. They are my modus operandi for life and work. In order to be productive, though, I must be “ready for my day,” and the physical must precede the psychological. (See the first point on Emma Gannon’s blog post about being self-employed.) (more…)

Freelance fashion: What should I wear?

By Whitney Matusiak

I haven’t always worked freelance. I spent eight years in anEAC-Wardrobe office where the dress code was business casual, which loosely translated to dressing well, but not trendily, not comfortably, and certainly not better than my clients or boss.

One year ago, I started working freelance, and I went from itchy-waist dress pants and impossible-to-wash knit sweaters to the other extreme: pajamas. Not only had the mighty fallen, but they were also still in bed.

And so the big question is, what should I wear? (more…)