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Book Review: Boss Bitch by Nicole Lapin

Boss Bitch

(Crown, 2017)

By Alethea Spiridon

Nicole Lapin knows what she’s talking about. She’s a wildly successful career woman who has blazed a path for herself as both a businesswoman (launching the CASH Smartwatch) and as a news anchor for CNN and CNBC. A boss bitch is the “she-ro” of her own story, Lapin writes on page 1 of the Boss Bitch: “She is the heroine who doesn’t need saving because she has her own shit handled. I became a Boss Bitch by embracing being a ‘boss’ in all aspects of the word.”

That opening sets the tone and pace for this marvellous book that will no doubt empower women who need a nudge, or even an all-out kick in the butt, to take their career—and life—to the next level, and to be as successful as wanted and needed. Lapin’s tone is forthright and honest, and girlfriend to girlfriend, something she says at the outset is exactly how she intends it to be.

Her voice and approach make the content relatable and easy to digest; it’s like going for drinks with a great friend who has your back, but calls you out on your nonsense because all she wants is the best for you. Lapin has plenty of insights to share that can really help women get back on track or consider what track to finally take to become the Boss Bitch in their own lives. (more…)

Managing the world of magazine editing

By Brooke Smith

What does it mean to be a managing editor (ME) of a magazine? Well, I couldn’t say it better than the ubiquitous slogan “Keep calm and carry on.” Those five words are the key to the ME’s sanity.

As the ME of a magazine, you are the arbiter of the schedule, making sure that writers meet their deadlines, editors meet their deadlines, and the magazine meets its deadline for the printer or to go online.

The ME has to crack the whip to get all of the team members (typically with different personalities and work styles) to stay on schedule, and the ME must manage to do so without blowing up.


Chasing fire trucks is not for me: my second beginning as an editor

Karen Kemlo

Karen Kemlo

By Karen Kemlo

“You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” —A.A. Milne

I call my decision to change careers in mid-life my “second beginning”—for me it defines the place where I am now. It’s also about coming full circle again and being a late bloomer.

I grew up surrounded by books and newspapers and I was a secret writer who dreamed of having her first novel published by the age of 21. I read voraciously and critiqued everything I found. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree, I worked for several years in a public library. I then decided that I wanted to be a foreign correspondent, travel the world and cover stories for the world press.

I took the plunge and applied for the two-year Journalism After Degree (JRAD) program at Ryerson and was amazed that I got in. In the early 1990s, I was taking my first steps toward becoming a journalist. Having worked for several years, I was also one of the oldest students in my class and my expectations were high. I soon realized that I would not emerge fully formed and be hired by the CBC as an arts reporter or as a feature writer for the Star. It was—and still is—a tough, competitive business and I had to run the race like everyone else.


My career change: Taking the leap into freelance editing


By Valerie Borden

A few years ago, I realized that I was losing interest in my work as a holistic nutritional consultant and decided that I needed to go back to the world of words. This was the main catalyst for my career change in 2011 from the field of natural health to the world of freelance editing.

I was, and still am, an avid reader, the kid who spent her summers with her nose in a book. In high school I excelled in languages, so I decided to become a translator and obtained my bachelor of science in languages from Laurentian University. However, certain events caused me to change direction, and my dream of working with words was put on hold.