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Meet the executive

Editors Toronto’s executive is elected each May at the branch AGM, and any Editors Toronto member may apply for a position. Here is the group that will be representing you for 2016–17.

Kerry Fast

Branch chair: Kerry Fast

Kerry is a freelance academic editor with clients from a wide range of disciplines. Previously, she was secretary for Editors Toronto. She holds a PhD in the humanities from the University of Toronto and maintains a keen interest in research. Her research focus is the migration of traditional Mennonite groups. She is also a board member of a historical research foundation. In her spare time, she cooks, knits, and writes creatively.

Berna Ozunal

Vice-chair: Berna Ozunal

Berna is an editor with over 15 years of experience working at some of the top communications companies in Canada. She works in-house at an integrated marketing communications agency in Toronto and freelances for a creative talent agency. Berna is director of publications at Editors Canada and vice-chair of Editors Toronto. She also teaches substantive editing at George Brown College Continuing Education.


Treasurer: Sara Scharf

Sara has been a freelance editor of academic books, papers, and dissertations on a part-time basis for almost 20 years. She has a PhD in the history and philosophy of science and technology from the University of Toronto, worked as a research analyst in the medical device industry, and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Engineering. Sara loves working with non-native speakers of English, doing research of all kinds, gardening, and knitting. She has balanced the books as treasurer of Editors Toronto since 2013.

Michael BefordSecretary: Michael Bedford

Michael is new to the editorial scene, having recently completed Ryerson’s publishing certificate program. He graduated from two bachelor of arts programs at York University, the first in theatre studies and the second in philosophy. Like most editors, Michael loves reading, whether he’s working through a novel, a journal article, or a biography. He currently works as an academic editor and as a staff writer for the American pop-culture website Monkeys Fighting Robots.

nancy foran

Past chair: Nancy Foran

Nancy has been editing for more than a decade and has been a freelancer since 2006, working mostly in copy editing, proofreading, localizing, and editing translations for non-fiction publishers, educational publishers, non-profits, and corporations. A long-time volunteer, she co-chaired the 2014 Editors Canada conference and is currently chairing the Editors Canada volunteer management committee. When not working, she’s likely taking care of her beloved pets or managing her home renovation.

Michelle SchriverSeminars chair: Michelle Schriver

Michelle is an award-winning graduate of Ryerson’s publishing program and has been a freelance editor and writer for three years. She mostly edits and writes business materials and copy edits trade non-fiction. She’d love to be thought of as innovative or brilliant, but alas, she’s most often described as persevering—a trait she regularly exploits in the hustle and bustle of freelance life.

Marg Anne Morrison

Member relations chair: Marg Anne Morrison

After working in-house for almost 25 years at two book publishers (Between the Lines Press and Annick Press), in 2004 Marg Anne started Morrison Publishing Management, which offers editorial, consulting, and management services to Canadian publishers. She taught in the book and magazine publishing program at Centennial College for seven years and was the executive director of the Ontario Book Publishers Organization for nine years. Marg Anne sits on the board and is the treasurer of the Book and Periodical Council. She joined the Freedom of Expression Committee in 2004 as the Editors Canada representative and has been its chair since 2009.

Deven KnillMember relations vice-chair: Deven Knill

Deven holds a journalism degree from Ryerson and has recently returned to the university to work on a publishing certificate. She has industry experience in marketing and communications, media, and content development. Deven loves reading, travelling, and knitting.

Nicole RoccasCommunications chair: Nicole Roccas

Nicole is a freelance non-fiction and academic editor who has worked with clients in a variety of disciplines and genres. She holds a PhD in European history from the University of Cincinnati and also writes and delivers podcasts about religious culture and history. In addition to the executive board, she serves on the editorial team for the Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies at Victoria College on the University of Toronto campus. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, knitting, exercising, and cooking.

Carol Harrison Publications chair (and BoldFace editor-in-chief): Carol Harrison

Carol is an editor and writer with more than 12 years of experience working both in-house and freelance. While some fiction comes her way, the bulk of her projects are non-fiction. She has worked on trade books in a wide range of subjects, including kids, cookery, and caribou-skin clothing. When not focusing on words, she is focusing her camera. Carol and her trusty Nikon enjoy travelling, hiking, and boldly going.

julie-anne-mendoza Programs chair: Julie-Anne Mendoza

Julie-Anne graduated from McMaster’s arts and science program with a combined honours in the origins research specialization and a minor in biology. She is a bilingual editor for the Journal of Student Science and Technology special issue and has edited for Incite Magazine and McMaster’s Integrated Science blog. Julie-Anne is currently employed as a researcher at Boost Agents, where she supports the recruitment team and drinks an obscene amount of tea. In her spare time, she enjoys taking ballet classes, reading, and browsing stationery shops.

This page was copy edited by Sylvia McCluskey.

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